“This is a down-to-earth breakthrough book that weaves heart-felt stories with practical concepts that promote healthy masculinity and help men thrive in the 21st century.” — Jack Canfield, NY Times bestselling co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

“If I had a nickel for every time a woman sighed in despair wondering where the conscious men were. I’d be a wealthy woman. . . The new man is an awakened, mature, and integrated man who is connected to the power of his heart. Women, buy this book for the men you love, and men, buy this book to finally know how to step into your true power and destiny.”
Katherine Woodward Thomas, NY Time bestselling author of Conscious Uncoupling.

“Love this book! It touched me to tears as I read the healing stories… men’s real stories… including the authors surviving their own crises. This is real deal men’s work. Dive in… you are not alone!” — Bill Kauth, Co-founder of the ManKind Project & author of A Circle of Men.

“Power look for Men offers the CLASSICS Model as a pathway to connection, a way in out of the dark and cold of isolation. If you know a man who struggling. this book represents a path to something so much better—a community of connection, support. growth, and compassion.” — Mark Greene, author of The Little #MeToo Book for Men & co-host of Remaking Manhood: The Healthy Masculinity Podcast.

Power Tools for Men: A Blueprint for Healthy Masculinity

This book (and webinar series) answers these questions: What blueprint and tools do men need today to build a life of meaning and purpose? How do we break out of the stifling and suffocating "Man Box" in order to thrive? 

Men are in crisis. Men perpetrate almost 98% of mass shootings in the US, commit 90% of homocides, make up 93% of the prison population and commit suicide 7 times more often than women. Male depression, anxiety and loneliness are on the rise. These statistics clearly show the crisis of masculinity.

Authors Leonard Szymczak, MSW, LCSW and Rick Broniec, MEd, write that ”men must wake up from the coma of what the American Psychological Association calls ‘traditional masculine ideology,’ which often results in toxic behaviors.”

Is masculinity itself toxic? “NO,” according to Szymczak & Broniec in their book “Power Tools For Men: A Blueprint for Healthy Masculinity.” They believe that men are inherently good, caring, noble beings. However, some male behaviors, encoded in the ‘traditional masculine ideology’ we are all raised with, are toxic—and many men do not know how to stop them.

Moreover, men continually hear confusing messages like: We must be strong and tough, yet tender. We must be competitive, yet cooperative. We must initiate, but not be overbearing. We must be protective, but not over-controlling. We must be breadwinners but also caretakers of loved ones.

These mixed messages create confusion, especially when there is no clear roadmap for healthy behaviors. “Power Tools for Men”, through its CLASSICS Model, provides a blueprint to help men build a fulfilling, purposeful  life and show up in the world as the leaders, fathers, partners and men they were meant to be!


About the Authors

Leonard Szymczak

Leonard Szymczak, MSW, LCSW is an award-winning author, international speaker, psychotherapist, and life coach. For the past 40 years, he has worked in both Australia and America as an educator, therapist, and writer. He was a director of a Family Therapy Program in Sydney, Australia, and later worked with the Family Institute at Northwestern University. He has had a wide range of clinical services with men.

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Rick Broniec

Rick Broniec, MEd. is a author, inspirational speaker, coach, and workshop facilitator. He has been a pre-eminent leader of men’s international trainings with ManKind Project since 1990. He has facilitated men’s personal growth and leadership workshops on five continents and eleven countries for thousands of men which gives him a unique window into the needs of modern men. 

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