A Partial List of Leonard and Rick's Public Appearances

Rick's Upcoming Workshops and Talks:
NOTE: Due to Covid-19, ALL face to face appearances by Rick & Leonard have been canceled until further notice.
Please see our webinars, website, Facebook page
for content and support during this trying time!

Thursday, December 10, 2020- Boys to Men Summit talk entitled "Multicultural Tools for Mentoring Men". 4-5:00 pm PT.
Sunday, December 13, 2020- Boys to Men Summit Panel Discussion "The Future of Masculinity". 4-6:00 pm with Warren Farrell and other keynote speakers.

Rick & Leonard's Joint Workshops:
3/14-15/20 "Power Tools for Men to Thrive"- Workshop, San Diego, CA

March, 2020 A FREE Webinar, "A Toolbox for Men to Thrive"

Leonard & Rick's Webinars:
4/20/20 - A FREE Webinar, "A Toolbox for Men to Thrive", register here.
4/21/20 - A Nine-Part Webinar "Power Tools for Men: Building a Life of Meaning and Purpose" For our first webinar in the series, register here.