How Can You Discover Your Mission and Live it Fully in Your Life?

Jul 30, 2021 by Rick Broniec

How Can You Discover Your Mission and Live it Fully in Your Life?


If you are like most men, I’ll bet you have longed to know what your purpose is for being on this planet; Why you are alive? 


That question plagued me for a long time. Some call your purpose your “Mission of Service.” I’ve experienced men who know their Missions as men who move purposefully through the world, love themselves and others and the world.  They seem to be happier, more successful, more motivated, and more grounded.


Mission is central to men living fully in the world as awakened men, as well as helping men make a lasting positive impact on others. It shines directly from our souls, informed by our wounds and our talents.


How can any man discover his mission—and live it daily?  Discovering a mission of service is a transpersonal process that invites conscious connection with our inner Spirit, Higher Power, or whatever we call that which is greater than ourselves. From that place, we recognize our purpose, align our lives, and embrace the call to help change the world. Armed with a clear intention to follow our mission, we utilize that Power Tool to leave a legacy that services the world.


Mission is essentially combining our vision or purpose with action. This can be simply stated in the equation: Vision + Action = Mission of Service.   We need clarity on both our vision and action to have a potent mission!


Here are just a few of the questions we can ask to determine your powerful Vision:

  • Where does the world need healing? (Examples: churches, education, the environment, government, etc.)
  • What values are dear to my heart? (Examples: integrity, honesty, compassion, generosity, etc.)
  • How can I be of service? (Examples: volunteering, joining an organization, sharing talents and services, etc.)


Now consider these questions to uncover your unique Action:

  • Name your passion, talent, or gifts. (For example, music, art, writing, teaching, coaching, building, learning, etc.)
  • What talent or gift have you wanted to develop? (For example, learning to play the guitar, going back to school, becoming certified as a coach, joining the Peace Corps, etc.)
  • What will you give back to the world?
  • What steps can you take now to actualize your vision?


Now it’s a simple process to combine your vision and action into a powerful Mission of Service.

Again, Vision + Action = Mission of Service.


Here’s Rick’s Mission: I create a passionately loving, peaceful and just planet by speaking, writing, and leading safe, sacred, diverse healing circles.


This mission statement has served me really well as I navigate life’s vagaries, challenges and changes. Living my life in alignment with my Mission has really helped me.  I believe it can serve you, too!